Doily Fireworks

doily fireworks

Let me start by saying this craft was super spontanious. It was a long day with gloomy weather and I needed something that would keep my kids busy for some time. And I thought stamping paint over doilies (that I had laying around without any use) would be a nice, time consuming idea. As the kiddos finished painting their doilies and removed them off their cardstock my daughter (4) goes, “it’s so pretty, like fireworks!”. And thus the name! Maybe they don’t really look like fireworks, but to my kids they did and it’s kind of a perfect New Years craft idea!

Sidenote: When it comes to fireworks (or anything that makes a boom sound, aka thunder), my son who’s 2 is totally afraid. But he no doubt loved this fireworks crafts! It’s perfect for young children because steps are easy, simple and so fun. Ohh, and it involved paint, ha-ha!

doily fireworks

doily fireworks



fall leaf stamping

felt mittens

salt snowflakes



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Small doilies

Kids paint with paintbrushes

Cardstock (any color works)


Simply lay 3-5 doilies over the cardstock and paint over them with the paint by dabbing. Help your kids hold down the doily as they’re painting to prevent it from moving around. Once all of the doilies have been painted over (choose different and bright colors!) remove the doilies and let dry!

doily fireworks

doily fireworks


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What is my child learning?


-Hand-eye coordination (painting over the desired area with a paintbrush)

-Fine motor skills (holding the thin paint brush with thumb and pointer finger)

-Steps and following instructions

-Focus and concentration

doily fireworks


Try this super fun craft!

doily fireworks


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