number sticker line up

Number Sticker Line-up

number sticker line up

First activity of 2019! Woohoo! And of course I had to involve 2-0-1-9 in my first activity somehow, so I’ve thought of this simple, easy to set-up and exciting toddler activity, Number Sticker Line-up! All you need is a couple of materials and you’re good to go! Both of my kids loved this activity, maybe it’s the dot sticks (anything sticker related is fun!). This activity is awesome if you need the kids to stay independent for a while, get some things done, make a few phone calls, the list goes on. It’s a great quiet activity too, especially for those days the kids decide to skip nap time!

number sticker line up

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Dot stickers

Cardstock or paper



Simply draw large numbers on a piece of paper and have the kids use the dot stickers to line them up!

number sticker line-up

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What is my child learning?

-Recognizing and memorizing numbers

-Hand-eye coordination (lining up the stickers on the lines)

-Fine motor skills (peeling the dot stickers off and on)

-Quiet, independent play


Make this Sticker Line-up today!

number sticker line-up

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