ice painted igloos

Ice Painted Igloos

ice painted igloos


Do your kids like paper plate crafts? Or how about painting with ice cubes!? Well this craft is a combination of both! These Igloos are painting with ice cubes and made from paper plates. Super easy to set up (perfect for those boredom buster activities) and requires only a few materials. Isn’t that awesome!


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Washable kids paint (light blue)

Popsicle sticks


Ice cube tray

Paper plate





First, make your painting ice cubes by filling a desired about of ice cube sections with water, half way. Then add the paint and stir. I used a toothpick. Now stick a popsicle stick into each ice cube and freeze. Next, cut 1/3 of the paper plate and use the larger piece for the igloo. I used the small piece to create a chimney. Using my best creativity skills, I simply cut out what looks like a chimney and glued it onto the back side of the igloo, nothing fancy here. I also cut a small flap for the door. Get creative at this step, decorating the igloo as you want.

Now is the fun part, creating the ice look of the igloo! Use the ice cubes to STAMP the water/paint on the igloo. Help the child stamp in one line to create a layed icy look.

But really, my kids starting painting all over the igloo and every direction possible. No biggie…


ice painted igloos

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What is my child learning?

-Sensory play (using icecubes, different textures, etc.)

-Fine motor skills (holding the popsicle stick to paint with the ice cube)


-Hand-eye coordination (using the ice cubes to paint cubes of ice in a row)



ice painted igloos


Make this craft with your kids today!

ice painted igloos



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