fill in math cards

Fill In Math Cards

fill in math cards

This super simple math activity is so fun, even for the very little ones. And not only because it involves food but because it’s engaging and exciting (and rewarding!).

It took me less than 5 minutes to set up. Yep less than 5 minutes! And best part is, it requires only 2 supplies which you probably already have right at home and some cereal 🙂

fill in math cards

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Flash cards (or construction paper cut into rectangles)

Permanent markers




On each flash card write a simple math problem (I used numbers under 10) and then draw circles for the answer, below the problem. For my two year old, I wrote a large number on each flash card and then the same amount of circles below each number. The child has to use the cereal to fill in the right amount of circles for each flash card.

fill in math cards



Watch my video to see this fun activity for kids!


What is my child learning?

-Numbers (recognizing and memorizing)

-Math (visually seeing the math problem helps kids learn faster!)

-Hand-eye coodination (matching up the cereal to fit into the circle)

-Fine motor skills (picking up the cereal with thumb and pointer finger)



Make this quick toddler activity with your kids today!

fill in math cards





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