object match

Object Match Scavenger Hunt

object match

Toddlers love to match, so I’ve made this simple Matching game using fun objects from around the house.

Let me tell you…this was the best idea ever! I had both of my kids participate and to my surprise, they worked so well together running around, finding and matching up the objects! It was great and super fun to watch 🙂

Take a look at how simple the instructions are! It’s so easy to re-create and I’m certain your kids will love this activity just as much as mine did!

object match

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-Large piece of paper (like a large cardboard)


-All sorts of items you may have around the house (around 8-10 is a good amount)



Gather all of your items and trace the objects onto the large piece of paper. Then place all of the items back to their usual spots where your kids can easily find them.

object match


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What is my child learning?

-Cognitive skills (thinking, predicting, matching)

-Building new brain connections

-Gross motor skills (walking, running around to find objects)

object match



Are you ready to make this fun Object Match Scavenger Hunt game? It’s easy!

object match

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