Thumbprint Love Tree Valentine’s Day Craft

thumbprint love tree

Are you looking for some easy toddler or preschool Valentine’s Day crafts?

This Thumbprint Love Tree is perfect for little hands and so much fun! Take a look below to see how easy, inexpensive and adorable this little tree is!

thumbprint love tree

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Cardstock (brown, pink, red, white)

Craft scissors (or kid-safe scissors if kids will be doing the cutting)

Glue stick


Finger paint



thumbprint love tree





First, trace the childs’ hand and cut out to create a tree trunk and branches (how sweet!). Next, using the finger paint have the child stamp their thumbs to make little hearts and cut them out. You can as many as you want, we made 8. Now, simply glue on the “tree” trunk onto the white cardstock and add your little hearts.

TIP- you can make an awesome Valentine’s Day card by simply folding the white cardstock in half and assembling the tree on the front page. Use the inside to write a message 🙂


thumbprint love tree craft


thumbprint love tree craft



What is my child learning?

-Scissor skills


-Fine motor skills

-Sensories (yes, even sensories are being worked on in crafts. Using the finger paint and other materials needed for this craft helps the child explore different textures, etc.)


thumbprint love tree

thumbprint love tree


Are you going to make this adorable looking Valentine’s Day craft?

thumbprint love tree craft

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