building stick shapes activity- todler at play (1)

Building Stick Shapes Activity

building stick shapes activity- todler at play (1)

This Building Stick Shapes Activity is yet another super easy and quick to set-up activity that will literally require less than 5 minutes of prep and only a few basic materials.

As with couple of my most recent activities, Pom-pom Color Sorting and Pipecleaner Match and Poke, this activity is also focusing on colors. I’m spending a whole week coming up with simple, fun and engaging activities where Vik (2) could learn, memorize and even familiarize his spelling with colors. And this fun little activity was a total blast! Great for fine motor skills, cognitive skills and of course is super helpful if you’re working on colors with your child, like I am!

building stick shapes activity- todler at play (1)


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-Assorted colors of counting sticks (we used THESE specifically)

-Index cards

-Colored permanent markers (I use these so often)



Using the permanent markers draw “stick” shapes on each index card, 1 per index card and different colors (I trimmed my index card to make a square, totally optional).

Rules are simple: the toddler has to use the sticks to match up the color with the drawn shape and construct it.

building stick shapes activity- todler at play (1)



What is my child learning?

-Fine motor skills (those counting/balance sticks are tiny and the toddler has to pick them up with their pointer finger and thumb, that take’s lots of practice and SKILL!)

-Colors (the toddler has to match up the color of the sticks to the color of the shape)

-Shapes (squares, rectangles, octagons, triangles, etc.)

-Cognitive skills (analyzing, matching, comparing, thinking)

-Independent/quite play



This activity is so versatile! Mix up the colors of the sticks, make as little or as many shapes as you’d like, keep it simple or more complex based on the developmental level or age of child, etc. I absolutely LOVE activites such as this one. These so many important skills being developed and it only took me LESS THAN 5 MINUTES TO GET THIS ACTIVITY READY! WINNER!


building stick shapes activity- todler at play (1)

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