foil painting-toddler at play (1)

Foil Painting- Invitation to Create

foil painting-toddler at play


In my (almost) 5 years of experience with little human beings, I have come to one particular conclusion…

  1. Kids don’t need fancy toys
  2. Kids don’t need complex activities

In other words, simple and engaging activities are BEST! Atleast with my kids! Sometimes I would go out of my way to create exuberant, over the top activities that would take me more than the time I’ve had and in the end…5 minutes of interest and kids are gone playing into their room. Very upsetting, SO…no more! I now only focus on easy to set-up activities with minimal prep and materials for one good reason. Simple is best. Simple can be engaging. Simple sparks creativity and imagination and sooo much more!

This Foil Painting activity literally took me less than a couple of minutes to prep, requires a couple of plain old craft supplies + foil and you’ve got an activity that is unique to toddlers, engaging, fun! Plus they’re developing and improving so many important skills like fine motor, hand-eye coordination and of course CREATIVITY!


foil painting-toddler at play



salt painting tray- toddler at play (4)

painting in a baggie (2)- toddler at play

salt snowflakes (2)- toddler at play


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Cover a large surface of the table with foil and prep the paint (I usually use the lids of the paints, no waste that way!)

foil painting-toddler at play (3)


What is my child learning?

  • Colors
  • Creativity + imagination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Quiet activity

This Foil Painting was super fun and both of my kids loved this new painting experience! They were at it for quite some time and I was happy to do a bit of tidying up around house. #momwin!


foil painting-toddler at play (3)


Do you have any foil at home? Then why not make this simple Invitation to Create today!

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