safari play-dough footprints- toddler at play

Safari Play-dough Footprints (Quick Video Tutorial)

safari play-dough footprints- toddler at play


This Safari Play-dough Footprints guessing game is super quick to prep and super fun, I know for a fact your kids will looove it!

Kids love play-dough, I know mine do for sure. It’s versatile, mushy, colorful, soft, fun, oh I could keep going with all the adjectives here. So I love to make play-dough part of a bigger activity. My toddler loves when we do Play-dough Slicing and Play-dough Color Sorting together, but ESPECIALLY the Play-dough Truck Tracks!

All of these play-dough activities are super fun, but best of all, soooo easy to set-up, which I know all parents prefer!






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-Play-dough (we absolutely love our Eco-Kids Dough!)

-Safari animals (linked similar)

-Flat tray (I used a lid to a container)



Flatten out the play-dough onto a plate, cutting board, tray, etc. Next, pick 4-5 small safari animals and carefully “stamp” them across the play-dough.

Want more ideas for safari animals?

ice age bin (7)- toddler at play

safari sensory bin (6)- toddler at play

What is my child learning?

This activity allows for so much development to happen all at once. Simple activity, you might say, but let me explain how even the simplest activities can be great for our kids and their development.

As you may have guessed, this activity can fall into sensory play category as well as many others. Play-dough allows kids to touch, feel and explore the senses. Even smelling the dough stimulates childs’ senses! The one we love is Eco-Kids Dough and it smells of wonderful rosemary!

Kids are also using their little brains for this game, meaning they’re surely improving their cognitive skills. Cognitive skills in this particular activity include thinking, analyzing (the look of the footprints), comparing (their size), matching up the animals to the footprints and so on.

Another area of childs’ development that is being exercised and improved is fine motor skills, especially in toddlers and younger children. Kids need to pick up the small safari animals and place directly over their matching footprints (hand-eye coordination skills!)


This is why we love good, simple and fun activities…because there’s so much development going on yet it didn’t take much time or effort to set up!




safari play-dough footprints- toddler at play

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