clothespin spelling puzzles- toddler at play (2)

Clothespin Spelling Puzzles (Quick Video Tutorial)

clothespin spelling puzzles- toddler at play (2)


These Clothespin Spelling Puzzles are a super fun way to learn sight words with preschoolers!

Let me start by saying how simple they are to make because we all don’t have time for a time-consuming, difficult to prep, expensive activities! For these Clothespin Spelling Puzzles you’ll need clothespins and colored permanent markers, that’s it! 

Preschoolers will love matching the colors, pictures and letters up to create short-word puzzles.






sticky pantry puzzles- toddler at play


popsicle stick puzzles (7)- toddler at play

popsicle stick shape puzzles- toddler at play


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Come up with simple sight words (for instance CAT), put 3 clothespins together and write each letter of the word CAT on seperate clothespin, try to write at the bottom. Next using all 3 clothespins draw a simple CAT above the letters, doesn’t have to be super fancy. Trust me, I’m not that great at drawing but still managed to draw a cat, so I believe you can too. Use as many clothespins as you want for more sight words and pictures.

Rules are simple: the preschooler has to find, match up, clip and spell the sight words!


clothespin spelling puzzles- toddler at play (4)


What is my child learning?

  • Spelling (learning the alphabet, learning sight words, their meaning, their spelling)
  • Cognitive skills (thinking, analyzing the clothespins and their sight words/picture. Matching up, comparing, even predicting!)
  • Fine motor skills (this activity incorporates small/fine motor skills too, as the child has to grasp, pinch and clip the clothespin to the border of the tray)
  • Hand-eye coordination (clipping the clothespins together onto the border of the tray)

Along with the areas of development being exercised and improved above, these Clothespin Spelling Puzzles are also great as an independent activity, for quiet time or time outs or to keep kids busy while you need to do something around the house.

clothespin spelling puzzles- toddler at play (1)




clothespin spelling puzzles- toddler at play (1)

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