easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (4)

Easter Egg Number Hunt (Quick Tutorial)

easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (4)


Looking for Easter activities for your kids? I’ve got this super easy-to-prep and fun Easter Egg Number Hunt for you!

My kids loooveeed this activity (maybe because it involves the shredded paper and that’s always fun). They worked together, searched and found all of the eggs and then placed the numbers in order. Great team work!

My favorite part about this activity is that it makes learning so much fun and exciting. I’m not too keen on seatwork, head-down and writing. I think that can get boring and actually, tiring. That’s why I love to create activities that my preschooler (and toddler) can do, have fun, exercise/improve gross and fine motor skills and be excited about learning!


Watch this Quick Tutorial!



easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (7)


Honestly this was one of those easy activities I came up with when I saw my kids getting a little bored through out the day. I always like to keep them busy and learning, so this was a quick activity and they enjoyed it so much. I’ve had all of the materials right at home and involved almost no effort. Keep reading to see how to set it up!


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-Easter basket grass

-Plastic Easter eggs

-Numbers (we used our magnetic numbers, I’ve linked similar)

-Bin (we love this Ikea bin)



Place the Easter basket grass into the bin and rip it apart a little bit. Next, place a magnetic number (or any small number munipulative) into the plastic Easter egg and hide in the grass filler. Do with all of the numbers (we did from 1-10).


easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (7)


What is my child learning and improving?

-Creative play

-Fine motor skills (opening the eggs, holding the numbers)

-Cognitive skills (thinking, predicting, placing numbers in orders)

-Numbers (familiarizing, memorizing numbers and their order as well as pronouncing)

-Independent play (great quiet time or independent play activity)

-Sensory play

easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (7)

easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (7)



Make this fun Easter Egg Number Hunt today!


easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (4)

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