easter activities roundup

Easy And Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

easter activities roundup

Happy Upcoming Easter!

I wanted to make this fun little round-up for you guys with all of our favorite Toddler At Play Easter activities and crafts, with a few Spring related ones included. All of these are easy to prep, inexpensive and most importantly super fun for the little ones!

All titles and images are linked as well as Quick Tutorials on our Toddler At Play YouTube channel! Subscribe if you haven’t 🙂

Read on!


Secret Easter Egg Art Craft (Quick Video Tutorial Available on YouTube)

Create this exciting craft for your kids this Spring, it will only take a couple minutes. They’ll love revealing secret patterns and designs on their egg and make it stunningly beautiful!

secret easter egg art - toddler at play (1)


Spring Sensory Bin

Why toss that old bouquet? Create a beautiful and exciting sensory play idea by dumping a few beans, withered flowers and other simple add-ins.

spring sensory bin- toddler at play (5)


Egg Carton Pom-Pom Color Sort

Colorful sorting idea using, non other than, the good old egg carton. Great for cognitive skills, fine motor and helps little ones learn colors!

egg carton pom-pom color sort (1)


Easter Egg Yarn Threading

Easy to prep, fine motor activity for kids. Only 3 materials needed and you’ve got yourself a busy toddler creating a gorgeous Easter yarn egg.

easter egg yarn threading- toddler at play (4)


Felt Palm Branches

Super easy kids craft idea for Palm Sunday! Create long palm tree branches, perfect for pretend play.

felt palm branches- toddler at play (1)


Easter Egg Number Hunt (Quick Tutorial Available on YouTube)

How exciting is this Egg Hunt! All of the eggs are hidden inside in a bin amidst the basket filler, each one containing a secret number.

easter egg number hunt- toddler at play (4)


Coffee Filter Easter Sunrise Card (Quick Tutorial Available on YouTube)

Do your kids love cardmaking? This fun card involves painting a coffee filter, spreading and mixing the paint together and creating a beautiful sunrise.

coffee filter easter sunrise card- toddler at play


Easter Egg Dot Painting (Quick Tutorial Available on YouTube)

Dot painting is fun! And this activity is super easy to prep, kids will love it aaannd…it’s great for many areas of childs’ development.

easter egg dot painting- toddler at play (2)


Spring Play-dough Tray

Simple sensory play idea using play-dough and a whole bunch of fun add-ins. Never-ending fun!

spring play-dough tray-toddler at play (10)


Butterfly Paper Plate Threading

Fun threading idea for kids. Great for fine motor, hand-eye coordination, creativity and concentration!

Butterfly Paper Plate Threading- toddler at play (3)


Have fun crafting and staying busy!

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