butterfly match up- toddler at play (3)

Butterfly Match Up

butterfly match up- toddler at play (3)

This Butterfly Match Up activity is SO SIMPLE to prepare and kids will love it!

Basically, I had a bunch of leftover pieces of scrap paper from various crafts and such. I really wanted to use them up instead of having it just lay there and grow into a bigger pile. And this Butterfly Match Up was perfect! You’ll need small pieces of paper for the wings and the more colors you’ve got, the better.

Plus kids love matching. My kids do for sure. Anything match wise and they’ll be busy, fully concentrated and engaged, it’s awesome!


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Watch this quick tutorial!


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First, cut out the butterfly “bodies” using brown cardstock. I made 5. Glue randomly and spaced onto a piece of cardstock.

Next, cut out pairs of wings, upper and lower and glue only one pair. Place the matching ones aside.




Kids have to find and match up the butterfly wings by size and color and glue onto each butterfly until every butterfly has a pair of wings. Looks super cute when done too!

butterfly match up- toddler at play (4)

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What is my child learning?

  • Cognitive skills (analyzing, comparing, thinking, matching up)
  • Colors (I love to maximize every learning experience, so I named each color my daughter was glueing on, like magenta, burnt orange, violet, one’s she wasn’t familiar with)
  • Fine motor skills (holding the wings, glueing them on)
  • Hand-eye coordination (glueing the wings onto the right spot and lined up)


butterfly match up- toddler at play (4)


Make this Butterfly Match Up activity today! It’s super simple and quick to prepare!

butterfly match up- toddler at play (3)




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