nature hunt activity-toddler at play

Nature Hunt Activity

nature hunt activity- toddler at play (3)

We love the outdoors! If feels so good to let the kids run around, explore and get familiar with nature and it’s treasures. And to help them “get their hands dirty” and physically come in contact with nature, I usually love to come with simple, yet fun activities where my kids can explore the beauty of nature a bit closer.

Since it’s Spring and getting a lot warmer outside (besides the days and days of showers we’ve been having), we have been heading outdoors a ton more often. Rainboots, umbrella and my kids are happy.

And this time I’ve created something super exciting, my kids were thrilled about. It’s this Nature Hunt Activity, which is SO easy to set-up. You’ll need just 3 things to make this board with nature treasures, just 3! It’s so fun to see little ones filled with excitement as they run around searching for flowers, leaves, twigs and other nature objects.

Your kids will love it too, so give it a try!

nature hunt activity- toddler at play (3)

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Take the cardboard (cut if too large) and add 3 elastics around it seperating into 3 spaces. Label each space using the permanent markers. We did flowers, leaves and twigs.

nature hunt activity- toddler at play (1)


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What is my child learning and improving?

  • Gross motor skills (the kids are on their feet, running, bending, looking around for their little treasures)
  • Fine motor skills (picking up the objects, placing them behind the elastics)
  • Cognitive skills (kids are thinking, comparing, matching up, analyzing, so much is going on in our brains when we’re hunting!)
  • Creativity, curiousity, concentration
  • Team work (this is a great activity to allow two or more kids to learn how to work together, perhaps assigning different objects to each person, etc.)

nature hunt activity- toddler at play (3)




nature hunt activity- toddler at play (3)

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