safari small world- toddler at play (1)

Safari Small World

safari small world- toddler at play (1)


We love Small World play in our house. It’s always a breeze to set-up and the kids stay happy, independent and busy for a long time!

If you’re not familiar with Small World play, it’s a total must for developing kids! First, it’s fun, easy to set-up and kids are always thrilled to dig in. And second, there’s so many important skills children are learning with Small World. What is Small World? You simply take objects from around the house, such as toy animals, lego people, etc. and add them to a bin with rims. Lastly add a few different textures, like play-dough, corn, beans, sand, soil and your Small World is all set-up!

Do your kids love Small World play ideas?

Today I’m sharing with you our super easy and fun Safari Small World. This open-ended play idea is a combination of sensory, fine motor and creative play. Took me less than 5 minutes to set up and kids had a blast bathing their animals in the “pond”, playing with the oatmeal and coming up with different stories!

safari small world- toddler at play (1)



You might enjoy this Play-dough Safari Animals Footprints matching game!


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  • Safari Toy Animals
  • Bin
  • Play-dough (yellow and/or green)
  • Oatmeal, corn or brown rice
  • Small bowls with water (I used lids)




Set-up is super easy! Take your bin and place the small bowls (or lids) of water to two sides. Then add the oatmeal around the bowls and add patch (es) of green/yellow grass. Add the safari toy trees and animals.

safari small world- toddler at play (1)

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What is my child learning and improving?

  • Creativity and imagination (open-ended play idea like this helps the child come up with creative themes, scenes, plots and stories)
  • Fine motor skills (picking up the small toy animals, etc.)
  • Sensory play (great for discovering a combination of textures like water, oatmeal, play-dough)

safari small world- toddler at play (1)

safari small world- toddler at play (1)




Pick up some Safari Animals today for this fun Small World play!

safari small world- toddler at play (7)

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