flower threading activity- toddler at play

Flower Threading Activity

flower threading activity- toddler at play (5)


This Flower Threading Activity is an easy and fun way to use up old flowers. Isn’t it nice to have an activity ready for your toddlers without heading out to the store for supplies? I love it!

Threading activities are one of our favorites. Kids are always thrilled to create their own designs, patterns and choose colors. Better yet, they’re having a whole lot of fun and improving many skills all at the same time. Fine motor, concentration, focus, creativity and independency are all areas of childs’ developement involved in this activity. How awesome! Take a look below for a more in depth look at what developmental areas your child can improve with simple activities such as this Flower Threading.

flower theading- toddler at play (1)



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Start by taking the petals and leaves off of the flowers and stems. Make a single hole using the whole puncher in each petal and leaves.

flower threading activity- toddler at play


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What is my child learning and improving?

  • Fine motor skill (threading the string through the small holes, pinching the string, etc.)
  • Creativity (kids can choose their own colors of petals, come up with different orders of patterns, textures, make necklaces, garlands)
  • Imagination
  • Forcus & Concentration
  • Independency (great activity for quiet times, time offs, busy activity or if you need to get some stuff done around the house)


flower theading- toddler at play (1)

flower theading- toddler at play (1)

Do this simple threading activity with your kids today!

flower theading- toddler at play (1)

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