symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (1)

Symmetry Drawing Activity

symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (6)

Symmetry Drawing = the easiest boredom busting busy kids happy kids activity EVER!

Kids, especially toddlers, need very little to be content and busy. We love a quick Button Sorting by the Hole ActivityFelt Shapes Sorting Activity and Salt Painting Tray Activity whenever I see my kids need a little calm activity, mama needs to make a phone call or kids simply overplayed with their toys. It happens!

So this super easy and quick to set-up Symmetry Drawing activity is yet another favorite that will stick in our home for a while. There’s so many endless possibilities with these symmetry drawing cards. So much to draw, make them hard and complicated or easy and basic. Choose different colors for different parts of the drawing, making the matching a bit more difficult.

For my 2 year old I did super easy pictures and for my 4 year old a bit harder. I chose a different color for each symmetry drawing so they can not only improve their drawing skills, but match colors and learn them too!

symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (6)

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Honestly instructions couldn’t be easier! Place the index cards horizontally and draw a simple half picture. Use different colors of crayons and make as many as you’d want. That’s it!

symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (1)


Watch this fun Toddler At Play quick video tutorial!


symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (1)

What is my child learning and improving?

  • Cognitive skills (thinking about the illustration and what it is, analyzing it, predicting how to draw it symmetrically)
  • Fine motor skills (holding the crayons)
  • Drawing + Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration + Focus



symmetry drawing activity- toddler at play (6)

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