bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)

Bandaid Number Match

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)

Here’s a fun activity your kids will love! This Bandaid Number Match is so easy to create, requiring minimal materials and a ton of matching skills.

My kids love bandaids. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they love peeling them away, sticking them onto random places around the house or their knees to cover up the tiniest little boo-boo’s. So I thought I’d let them to go town and create something “bandaid-y” for them. It’s great for fine motor skills anyways, so why not.

And of course they absolutely loved this activity! It was fun and educational since they’re learning numbers and matching all at the same time.

Take a look below to see how simple it is for any parent to set-up!

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)


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Tape a large piece of easel paper onto a wall using tape and draw simple outline of a body (like of a gingerbread man!). Next draw in the eyes, mouth, hair and shorts. You can make the “man” simple or add other features like eyebrows, nose, etc. Then, using the permanent markers randomly write a 1-5 number on the “man”. Write corresponding numbers on each bandaid. We did 5 bandaids, but you can do more or less.

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)


Watch this fun Toddler At Play Video!



What is my child learning and improving?

  • Fine motor skills (peeling away the bandaid and sticking onto the body)
  • Numbers (toddlers can familiarize, name and memorize each number they’re working with)
  • Cognitive skills (matching, thinking, analyzing)
  • Hand-eye coordination (placing the bandaid into the right spot)
  • Parts of the body (you can elevate this activity and name different parts of the human body, like nose, mouth, ears, chest, legs, arms, ect, have the child repeat after you and memorize them!)

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)


And then I gave them colored pencils and this happened, yes I helped 🙂 They had fun to say the least!


bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)




What are you waiting for? Grab some bandaids now and have fun!

bandaid number match- toddler at play (9)

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