Hello and welcome! I’m Veronika, writer and owner of Toddler at Play. Here you’ll find super easy and fun crafts, educational games and learning activities for babies, toddlers and young kids.

I’m a mommy to two young and energetic kids, Alina (4) and Viktor (2). As a stay-at-home mom I had to find different ways to keep my kids busy and entertained (in order to keep up with the house, chores and all the mommy stuff), so I started coming up with simple, easy, age-appropriate games and activities that both of my kids would enjoy. Often times, I use household items and materials I already have around the house to save myself a run to the store for supplies. This way I can create an activity on the go with minimal prep!
One by one, I started to jot down my ideas for future references and eventually decided to open this corner of my motherhood to you guys. So explore my blog and keep your little developing and growing humans at play!


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If you would like to contact me here’s my email: veronika@toddleratplay.com. I would love to hear  your comments, questions and suggestions and please tell me about yourself and your little ones too!